Patricia | Restaurant, Bar & Nightclub at Södermalm
Julbord på Patricia i Stockholm

X-mas smorgasbord

Book a classic Christmas smorgasbord!

Classical Christmas Smorgasbord with glögg, coffee, dessert table and wardrobe included.

Patricias X-mas smorgasbord
November 7 until December 22.

Both the feeling of the archipelargo and the city vibe is the unique atmosphere of Patricia. The boat is at Södermälarstrand and serves a extraordinary Christmas smorgasbord 10 persons and more.

On Patricia you’ll  have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Christmas smorgasbord or a 3 course dinner of your choice while you are enjoying the fantastic Stockholm view across Riddarfjärden.

Swedish traditional Christmas smorgasbord- 531 kr exkl VAT (595 kr inkl moms)
3 course dinner – 353 kr exkl moms (395 kr inkl VAT)


If you want some more privacy we offer that possibility in:

The Restaurant  (100-150 people)
You can reserve the restaurant for 100-150 people.

The Churchill Room (20-35 people)
The VIP-room is situated a floor below the restaurant and is a comfortably private space separated from the rest of the boat. If the company preferes to be absolutely private it is possible to close it to not be a part of the night club that is on board during the week-ends . There is even a separate restroom for the guest of the Churchill Room.

At Patricia we can welcome up to 260 dining guests at the same time and up to  700 people for a Christmas party without dinner.

Julbord på Patricia Södermalm Stockholm
Julbord på Patricia Stockholm