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Patricia Live

Patricia Live

Patricia Live

Live music

Live music from 8pm-11pm


On Saturday the 15th of October, Patricia will sway to the tunes of Månskensbonden!
Singing in Ostrobothnian Swedish, Markus Bergfors, under the alias Månskensbonden, had a Finnish Swedish hit with the debut single “Döpt i Kyro älv” and when the debut album “Vårat Ödeland” was released in 2018, he found an increasing audience on both sides of the Baltic Sea. The album was followed by the singles “Stormin”, which was guested by Iiris Viljanen, and “Vårt kvarter”. On September 30th, Månskensbonden’s second album, “Somewhere along a forgotten latitude” will be released via Startracks.

Age limit: 20years.

偏執症者 (Paranoid) & Mob 47 are now visiting Stockholm again on Saturday the 15th of October!

偏執症者 (Paranoid) is celebrating 10 years as a band and has been given the honor of managing the band’s Stockholm gig.
Frösön’s hardest mangler delivers Japanese worship mixed with 80s heavy metal and a pure damn mangle.

MOB 47
mangled since the 80s, Mob 47 is among the absolute best that can still be seen in the punk scene. zero loss of energy and now recently been in the studio recording new songs. always a mangle when they are place and always clear.
Will be amazing as usual.

Agelimit: 20years.

Friday October 21st!

WHITE BIRCHES mix noisy guitars and warped synths with captivating pop melodies. The dark wave duo consists of Jenny Gabrielsson Mare and Fredrik Jonasson and has been praised for their strong songs and uncompromising live performances.
The sound has been compared to, among others, Portishead, Kate Bush and Sisters of Mercy.
Their debut album Dark Waters was nominated for this year’s Synt på Manifestgala and they are currently working on their third full-length. At the same time, they are current with the double single Lethe’s Bramble.
“The mood is dramatic and cinematic, both ominous and a warm blanket to embrace in the dark.” Daniel Hånberg Alonso, Gaffa

**Sofia Härdig**
Sofia Härdig has released eight solo albums and been praised both internationally and at home. Among other things, she has been called “the new queen of alt-rock” and “a future rock goddess” ROLLING STONE writes “The Swede oscillates between Post-punk, goth-rock, Placebo and Nick Cave. Her singing has the same kind of absolute urgency that Patti Smith and Tom Verlaine once had.”
Or – as Olle Berggren on Expressen wrote – “A masterpiece in deconstruction and reconstruction (…) Sofia gives new hope to the Swedish rock scene”
Among other things, Sofia has collaborated with members from Bob Hund, Fläskvartetten, Thåström and The Hellacopters. And made concerts with together with many great artists such as Lydia Lunch and Steve Jackson from Belle and Sebastian.
At home, Sofia was nominated for composer of the year by Manifest for her album And The Street Light Leads To The Sea.

Agelimit: 20years.

Friday the 4th of November we welcome Hellsingland Underground to Patricia!

Come and celebrate the release of their sixth album Endless Optimism with us! For one evening they take over the legendary boat Patricia on Söder Mälarstrand in Stockholm!
There will be a full concert (the first in Stockholm in three years!) with songs both from the record released on the same day and older HU classics!
They will of course also sell and sign the record on both vinyl and CD. They also have brand new merch.
But above all, there will be a hell of a party with everyone they know and don’t know!

Agelimit: 20years.