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Patricia Live

Patricia Live


28 January // 2023 // Patricia

We welcome Minuit Machine + Sydney Valette to Klubb Död and Patricia!

▲ MINUIT MACHINE – Minuit Machine, a female Parisian duo, hardly unknown in our scene, has been delivering dreamy atmospheric coldwave since 2013. They were supposed to play in Stockholm almost a year ago but it never happened. Now they instead visit Klubb Död when they tour for the latest album release “24”. Amandine Stioui and Hélène de Thoury, who you probably also recognize from the solo project Hante, experiment with different sounds on a spectrum of coldwave, synthwave and techno. Their fusion of 80’s cold and dark synthwave, with elements of 90’s rave techno, has made them one of the most distinctive acts in the electro scene. In their latest album, which was released on November 4th, they offer danceable electronic beats with a break of dark machine techno. Their music, a subtle mix of emotions that takes shape in synthetic vibrations, fills the dark clubs with an underground, dystopian atmosphere, which we at Klubb Död welcome with gusto.

▲ SYDNEY VALETTE – One-man act Sydney Valette, another electronic Parisian act invited by Klubb Död, has been active for more than a decade. The sound is torn between synthwave, EBM and industrial techno. He has collaborated with big names in the scene such as Blind Delon, Alpha Sect, Buzz Kull and Hante. To his varied and progressive catalog in electronic music, there is now his latest and sixth album “Home Alone” which was released in the middle of September. The album was a result of his alone time at home during the pandemic. The songs in it kind of paint one with different energetic shades of electronic color; sometimes more synthpop and Italian disco, other times synthpunk and minimal wave. Despite the constant social need for artistic classification, Sydney Valette has aimed to build something between the aforementioned genres and does not want to identify with a single scene. As he said in an interview with The Brvtalist: “I think of EPs and albums as stories with different layers and colors.” Join us this evening and experience his stories.

DJ Anders Eklund

• The doors open at 20:00
• Sydney Valette takes the stage at 9:00 p.m
• Minuit Machine takes the stage at 22:00

18th of February 2023

Abyss STHLM presents:

➤ VOKONIS – Heavy progressive rock/metal from Sweden.

➤ SPIRAL SKIES – Swedish Psychedelic Rock with haunting female vocals mixed into a wicked, whirly brew.

Doors open at 20:00
Spiral Skies takes the stage at 21:00
Vokonis takes the stage at 22:00
Patricia, Ⓣ-Mariatorget, Söder Mälarstrand Kajplats 19
Age limit 20 years

Read more:…/afgrund-sthlm-vokonis-spiral



1st of April // 2023 // Patricia

▲ PLOHO – Ploho has emerged as a household name in their native Russia in recent years, slowly building up a dedicated fanbase in Europe and abroad. The band was formed by singer and guitarist Victor Uzhakov in 2013, who enlisted Andrei Smorgonsky on bass and Igor Starshinov on synths. Together, the threesome are one of the most prominent purveyors of the newly dubbed “new wave of Russian music”, dark Soviet era-inspired post-punk sometimes referred to as “Russian Doom”, taking a broad range of influences from the 80s from acts ranging from bands such as Bioconstructor and Kino.

They appeared at prominent festivals including Боль in Russia, Kalabalik in Sweden, and Platforma in Lithuania.

The band is nowadays located in Serbia.

▲ PRINCIPE VALIENTE – If you have ever visited the world of Principe Valiente, the ten songs on the new album “Barricades” will feel pleasantly familiar. The dramatic soundscape rises like a fairytale forest around the singer Fernando Honorato’s warm and unassailable voice. It’s all in there, the beautiful melodies, the post punk energy and the cinematic drama. At the same time, it is the quartet’s most intimate album to date. On “Barricades”, the songs have grown out of melodies and chords rather than guitar riffs. Lyrically, Honorato has been seeking new paths. In the dark and sometimes desperate tone, there is always a streak of hope. On “Barricades”, the band’s first album on American label Metropolis Records, Principe Valiente shows its full breadth as a band.

In May 2022 the band was touring with one of the most legendary band of the all time – The Sisters of Mercy.


• Doors 20:00
• Principe Valiente takes the stage at 21:00
• Ploho takes the stage at 22:00
• Ⓣ-Mariatorget, Söder Mälarstrand Kajplats 19
• 20 year
• Advance purchase SEK 220 + service fee



8th of April // 2023 // Patricia

Klubb DÖD and Patricia presents:

▲ POTOCHKINE – Two souls, a powerful spell. Of love and anger. The tenebrous chant of a powerful voice, the tense rhythmic tension of EBM and techno and the poetry as spells cast. With their last album “Sortilèges”, Potochkine reinvents EBM on the incandescent blackness of techno, synthpunk and cold wave ashes.

▲ ULTRA SUNN – A duo from Brussels formed in 2019. Their second EP “Body Electric”, released on the German label Cold Transmission, including the single “Young Foxes” confirms the style of ULTRA SUNN, quickly reach number 1 in coldwave sales. Sam’s deep and dark voice unfolds over Gaelle’s carefully tailored setup of analog synthesizers and industrial drum machines. The couple is haunted by a Coldwave / EBM energy.


DJ Johnny BatCat + Johan Sjöblom

• The doors open at 20:00
• Ultra Sunn takes the stage at 21:00
• Potochkine takes the stage at 22:00
• Ⓣ-Mariatorget, SöderMälarstrand Kajplats 19
• 20 year
• Advance purchase SEK 200 + service fee



6th May // 2023 // Patricia

Klubb DÖD proudly presents:
▲ S.P.O.C.K – 35 YEAR MISSION! 1988 was the year when the world’s first and biggest space-pop band was formed in Skåne, Sweden. 35 years later, the band lands for the first time at Klubb Död and Patricia to share their song treasure with space at the center of the lyrics. Expect a seven-hell move when hits like “Never Trust a Klingon,” “Astrogirl” and “Alien Attack” are cut. This will be an evening to remember that you must not miss!
▲ VEX – Tobias Kastberg, known as one half of the extensively touring electropunk duo The Guilt, started the solo project Vex with the aim of writing biting pop choruses with a punk attitude. Acclaimed debut album “Average minds think alike” is inspired by 70s punk, 80s synthpop, 90s house and contemporary electronic music.
DJ SkandinAlien
• The doors open at 20:00
• VEX takes the stage at 21:00
• S.P.O.C.K takes the stage at 10:00 p.m
• Ⓣ-Mariatorget, Söder Mälarstrand Kajplats 19
• 20 year
• Advance purchase SEK 230 + service fee