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Patricia Live

Patricia Live

Patricia Live

We offer gigs on 3 of our stages.

9th of march// 2024// Patricia

Around International Women’s Day, Klubb DÖD and Freestyle Events in collaboration with Subkultfestivalen organize two concert nights to celebrate and promote equality in the music industry – “Black Widow Party”. Friday in Gothenburg at Musikens Hus and Saturday in Stockholm at Patricia. Women/non-binary are less often given the limelight within the music scene in general and we organizers have the power and responsibility to change this together with you visitors. In some subgenres it is difficult to find female artists and we hope to change this by supporting those who exist and inspiring more people to create music and start bands.

Live on stage in Stockholm:
▲ PRETTY ADDICTED (UK) – “Dance-Punk” clown mayhem, Pretty Addicted is a whirlwind of unparalleled energy and raw aggression. Distinct vocals, dark sounds and fat breakbeats, they really stand out from any crowd and yet somehow fit into any venue and make it their own! Electronic music through a heavy lens, this is an artist you have to both experience on CD for the emotion and live for the “in your face” attitude! It’s all down the blasphemous acid trip rabbit hole with the PA and the lyrics are as important and honest as the music itself. With fans (or ‘Crackheads’ as they are affectionately known as) from all walks of life, we suggest you follow them to an underground rave in Satan’s lair…

▲ GRABYOURFACE (FR) – grabyourface is French producer Marie Lando’s nu-goth darkwave project. Despite growing up with hard rock and black metal, it is in goth music that Marie reveals herself musically, influenced by artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan, Lorn and Boy Harsher, but also Portishead, Prayers, Lana Del Rey and many others. Grabyourface gained recognition in Europe for their intense and emotional live performances and for sharing the stage with bands such as Covenant and Empathy Test. They have also made a name for themselves internationally, for their collaborations with many artists from the alternative scene (Moris Blak, Caustic/daddybear, Covenant, Viva Non, etc.), and have recently joined the US label Negative Gain Productions.

▲ KUNT – Kunt are the newcomers who have taken all of synth Sweden by storm! They mix electropop with EBM and have added a punk attitude to it, which, together with Paula’s voice and the fat synth sounds that Rickard has dialed in, created a unique sound.

• The doors open at 20:00
• Live from 21:00
• Ⓣ-Mariatorget, Söder Mälarstrand Kajplats 19
• 20 year

20th of April// 2024// Patricia



Cryptic Concert: Rövsvett + RIKET + ASKA
4th of May// 2024// Patricia

Cryptic Concerts presents:

➤ RÖVSVETT – Rövsvett is a Swedish hardcore punk band started in Tranås in 1983, which makes them one of the oldest Swedish punk groups still active. Via Just 4 Fun Records, the band releases a live CD, “Den stora brakfesten”, (40-year party), which will be released in February 2024. In April, the band releases “En väll på Liseberg” (live LP) via Sockiplast Records and their 6th LP “We are the roadkill” on Criminal Attack Records will be released later this year, also a new 7″ is planned on Sockiplast Records for Christmas 2024.

➤ RIKET – RIKET plays dirty music based on death metal mixed with everything from punk, black and heavy metal. The band has just returned from a mini-tour in the Balkans where the Swedish misery was shared with an enthusiastic audience. The fact that the lyrics are in Swedish doesn’t matter as long as you roar loud enough, then everyone understands whether you’re from Trollhättan or Tirana. This will be the first gig in Stockholm in 2024, so we have had time to build up a lot of anxiety that we will freely share with you!

➤ ASKA – ASKA fuses punk, black metal and stoner rock into a wayward slapstick that bites hard live.

• Doors open at 8:00 p.m
• Patricia, Ⓣ-Mariatorget, Söder Mälarstrand Kajplats 19
• Age limit 20 years
• Advance purchase SEK 200 + service fee

Cryptic Concerts: STHLM PSYCH FEST
25th of May// 2024// Patricia

Live on stage:
➤ YEAR OF THE GOAT – Year of the goat has been delivering heavy rock with roots from the darker scene of the 60s and 70s since 2006. Melodies, emotional voices and vocals, layers of eerie guitar with touches of organ create an atmosphere that is hard to beat. The first release came in 2011 and over the years has released 3 full-lengths, 2 eps and 2 singles, all of which were received with open arms by music lovers. The band has played at festivals around the world such as Wacken, Hellfest, Sweden Rock etc. Now they are finally playing in Stockholm and we warmly welcome them.

➤ GODDESS – Goddess consists of remaining members of the band Goatess and now makes their first live performance at Sthlm Psych Fest. With new energy and new influences, Goddess creates a doom/stoner sound with influences from, among others, Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Doomriders and maybe a touch of Dismember. Heavy, melodic, and above all swinging!
➤ SPIRAL SKIES – Spiral Skies is a five-piece masked orchestra, fronted by a singer whose vocal range has been compared to Grace Slick and Kate Bush. The music is described as “On other planet ́s kinda Rock” and is a mixture of heavy metal, doom, folk and fuzz in a musty stew that tastes best live! Spiral Skies has been enthralling its audience and listeners since 2015 and released the long-awaited album “Blues for a dying planet” in 2018. Since then, the band has toured Europe and opened for greats such as High on Fire, Orange Goblin, Truckfighters, Coven and played at some of Sweden’s biggest festivals such as Sweden rock and Gefle metal. In March 2022, the band released their second full-length “Death Is But A Door” recorded in Studio Ryssviken (LUCIFER, Tribulation, Dead Lord etc.) and the singles “While the devil is asleep” and “Somewhere in the dark” have been well received due to of what the band is known for; a mix of dynamism, melancholy and explosiveness!

➤ MARY JANE AND THE FLYING SHOES – Driving 70s stoner rock with blues and grunge influences, from Norrtälje. Heavy riffs and dirty dust are interspersed with dark lyrics of deep and powerful vocals. The members come from the punk scene as well as folk, country and singer-songwriters – and together they create a porky rock sound that swings.

• Doors open at 19:00
• Live from 19:30
• Patricia, Ⓣ-Mariatorget, Söder Mälarstrand Kajplats 19
• Age limit 20 years
• Advance purchase SEK 280 + service fee
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Cryptic Concerts: Centinex + Black Art + Catacombs
September 21// 2024// Patricia

➤ CENTINEX – The classic death band Centinex is visiting Stockholm this autumn. The band has been delivering brutal death since the early 90’s and shows no signs of slowing down. Don’t miss the chance to see them with us at Patricia.

➤ BLACK ART – This band hardly needs an introduction at this point. Svartkonst honors us with another visit with a new album in the bag.

➤ KATAKOMBA – Did the Earth’s gravity suddenly become much stronger? No then, only Katakomba plays. Heavier deaths are harder to find, we hope Patricia can stay afloat.

• Doors open at 8:00 p.m
• Patricia, Ⓣ-Mariatorget, Söder Mälarstrand Kajplats 19
• Age limit 20 years
• Advance purchase SEK 200 + service fee

21:00 Show – Catacombs
22:00 Show – Black art
23:00 Show – Centinex

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