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Patricia Live

Patricia Live

Patricia Live

November Von Hell @ Patricia
Saturday 18 November 2022

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MINIMUM RAGE are members from TJ Stockholm and a couple of loose poles, and you see these new stars on stage for the second time. Hot garage punk that’s all about sitting on the bus and drinking beer is the idiom that best describes them. Possibly they are very passive aggressive, but you can hear it in the name!
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DÖDSÖGONBLICKET delivers punk’n’roll about pop and violence in Swedish. The power trio from the dark alleys of Skogskyrkogården who dare to waila super-pop vocals to hard riffs will lick you up and make you scream in Croatian!
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UPPLOPET is the Gothenburg band that made rock dangerous again. With inspiration from the 50s, Action rock and Punk, they deliver razor-sharp riffs and a show that cannot be explained in words. Since the band expanded to a quintet, they have taken another step towards being able to offer the ultimate rock explosion. Gothenburg’s underground kings must be experienced!
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DOOJIMAN & THE EXPLODERS is the supergroup made up of the almighty Doojiman and his gunslinger Woogie Wombach. They flew together across the galaxy to assemble a robot army of teenagers with attitude under the name “The Exploders”. On their travels through the Milky Way they picked up a whole bunch of influences from the Ramones, Alice Cooper and The Stooges to The Hives, Turbonegro and Bloodhound Gang. Then also animal sounds such as dingos, owls and rabbits to mix all of the above into a super weapon to conquer the earth. With a bunch of EPs, singles and a full-length album (Sweden’s Newest Hit Makers) they are now here with their second album “Doojiman & The Exploders II: Electric Boogaloo” to fool you all scumbags!!

November 19 // 2022 // Patricia

We welcome Sturm Café and Hammershøi to Klubb Död and Patricia!

▲ STURM CAFÉ – Many are the synth bands that played hard music with lyrics in puerile German, but it’s never been done better than by EBM legends Sturm Café. It was in Gävle in 2001 that Jonatan Löfstedt and Gustav Jansson started making music together and Sturm Café grew. Inspired by the early EBM/industrial scene, they have since developed a distinctive sound. The music can be described as bass-driven EBM with a touch of Neue Deutsche Welle. With numerous singles/EPs and albums, including the critically acclaimed “Europa!” (2015), Sturm Café has created a loyal following worldwide. Get ready for hit songs such as Stiefelfabrik, Koka Kola Freiheit and Scheissnormal.

▲ HAMMERSHØI – Hammershøi is a French synth duo born out of confinement and the communication between man and machine. Their musical style is taken from 80s minimal synth, EBM, french wave and synth wave as well as artistic influences such as German expressionism. The self-titled debut album “HAMMERSHØI” was released in 2020.


DJ Anton from Bodyfest

• The doors open at 20:00
• Hammershøi takes the stage at 21:00
• Sturm Café takes the stage at 22:00
• Ⓣ-Mariatorget, SöderMälarstrand Kajplats 19
• 20 year
• Advance purchase SEK 200 + service fee

The Bwanas + Great Park Avenue
26th of November  

UMA Management proudly presents: Vinyl release and live concerts!

THE BWANAS – honest hard rock with many influences from the 70s

SPECIAL GUESTS: GREAT PARK AVENUE – indie rock from Stockholm

Doors open at 20:00

Age limit: 20 years.


02 December // 2022 // Patricia

We welcome Bestial Mouths, Abu Nein and White Birches to Klubb DÖD and Patricia!

▲ BESTIAL MOUTHS (US) – Bombastic Bestial Mouths lived robbers at Klubb DÖD 2016 – now they are finally back with a spellbinding ritual. To quote Fredrik Strage: “Goth is about dark mangle”. Few manage that tradition better than Bestial Mouths. The artistically minded “grave wave” act’s music is an orgy of dark romance and apocalyptic mood-building with cacophonous percussion and icy synths. Frontwoman Lynette Cerezo is an heiress in direct descent from Diamanda Galas.

▲ ABU NEIN – In recent years, Abu Nein has shaken up the entire post-punk world and created a new scene for dark music in Sweden. The members’ different musical backgrounds have been fused together into a genre-crossing romantic, sooty and sacred soundscape with equal parts nostalgia and forward-looking. Their debut album “Secular Psalms” has been praised with a nomination at the Manifest Gala and won this year’s debut album at Synthsläggan.

▲ WHITE BIRCHES – White Birches mix blaring guitars and warped synths with captivating pop melodies. The dark wave duo consists of Jenny Gabrielsson Mare and Fredrik Jonasson and has been praised for their strong songs and uncompromising live performances. The sound has been compared to, among others, Portishead, Kate Bush and Sisters of Mercy. Their debut album “Dark Waters” was nominated for Synth of the year at the Manifest Gala and they are currently working on their third full-length. At the same time, they are current with the double single Lethe’s Bramble.


DJ EMMON & Emanuel Åström from Agent Side Grinder

• The doors open at 19:00
• White Birches take the stage at 8:00 p.m
• Abu Nein takes the stage at 21:00
• Bestial Mouths takes the stage at 10:00 p.m


21 January // 2023 // Patricia

We welcome Carino Cat and Francesca e Luigi to Klubb Död and Patricia!

▲ CARINO CAT – The sensational Italian disco duo Carino Cat is coming again directly from Lake Garda in Italy to Stockholm’s capital to offer disco like no other. With clothing fashion that only your father could have worn in the 80s and moves like Lasse Holm, it will be a concert you won’t soon forget. Carpe Diem the night!

▲ FRANCESCA E LUIGI – Jessica Brannefors and Martin Permer met on a hot summer day in 2016. Jessica wanted to perform in body stocking just like Rose in “Magic Carillion” and Martin said; “-Yes of course, italodisco, how hard can it be?”. In the summer of 2017, their first song “Watch Me Dance Tonight” was ready mixed and Francesca e Luigi was born. Since then, two albums have been released by PBHMedia: Disco Darkness (2020) and Dirty Disco which was released in 2022. At the moment the duo is working on a third album which will be released in the fall of 2023.


DJ Slice Me Nice

• The doors open at 20:00
• Francesca e Luigi takes the stage at 21:00
• Carino Cat takes the stage at 22:00

28 January // 2023 // Patricia

We welcome Minuit Machine + Sydney Valette to Klubb Död and Patricia!

▲ MINUIT MACHINE – Minuit Machine, a female Parisian duo, hardly unknown in our scene, has been delivering dreamy atmospheric coldwave since 2013. They were supposed to play in Stockholm almost a year ago but it never happened. Now they instead visit Klubb Död when they tour for the latest album release “24”. Amandine Stioui and Hélène de Thoury, who you probably also recognize from the solo project Hante, experiment with different sounds on a spectrum of coldwave, synthwave and techno. Their fusion of 80’s cold and dark synthwave, with elements of 90’s rave techno, has made them one of the most distinctive acts in the electro scene. In their latest album, which was released on November 4th, they offer danceable electronic beats with a break of dark machine techno. Their music, a subtle mix of emotions that takes shape in synthetic vibrations, fills the dark clubs with an underground, dystopian atmosphere, which we at Klubb Död welcome with gusto.

▲ SYDNEY VALETTE – One-man act Sydney Valette, another electronic Parisian act invited by Klubb Död, has been active for more than a decade. The sound is torn between synthwave, EBM and industrial techno. He has collaborated with big names in the scene such as Blind Delon, Alpha Sect, Buzz Kull and Hante. To his varied and progressive catalog in electronic music, there is now his latest and sixth album “Home Alone” which was released in the middle of September. The album was a result of his alone time at home during the pandemic. The songs in it kind of paint one with different energetic shades of electronic color; sometimes more synthpop and Italian disco, other times synthpunk and minimal wave. Despite the constant social need for artistic classification, Sydney Valette has aimed to build something between the aforementioned genres and does not want to identify with a single scene. As he said in an interview with The Brvtalist: “I think of EPs and albums as stories with different layers and colors.” Join us this evening and experience his stories.

DJ Anders Eklund

• The doors open at 20:00
• Sydney Valette takes the stage at 9:00 p.m
• Minuit Machine takes the stage at 22:00

Idiot Ikon + Last Climb
4th of February 2023

On stage tonight:

IDIOT IKON – New Wave of Swedish Punk Metal. The band will play some songs from their upcoming album.


LAST CLIMB – Something that can be called HC/käng/crust/powerviolence from the countryside. But hell, call it what you will.


DJ Alex Vain

• The doors open at 20:00
• Last Climb takes the stage at 21:00
• Idiot Ikon takes the stage at 22:00
• Ⓣ-Mariatorget, Söder Mälarstrand Kajplats 19
• 20 year
• Advance purchase SEK 200 + service fee